In the News

Here are some stories in the news featuring Boulware Springs Charter School:

  • It’s Time for Year-Round Schooling,  Gainesville Sun, May 31, 2019; click here
  • Kay Abbitt: Charters are successful because they are different,  Gainesville Sun, April 1, 2019; click here
  • Ready for School: Boulware Springs Charter Kicks Off New Year, Gainesville Sun, July 11, 2018; click here
  • Charter School Students Bring Wax Figures to Life, Gainesville Sun, May 4, 2017; click here
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, Gainesville Sun, September 16, 2016; click here
  •  Boulware Students Travel the World Through Coursework,     Gainesville Sun, June 9, 2016: click here