House System

What is the House system at Boulware?

At Boulware, all students, teachers, and staff will join one of four “houses,” or groups. These groups are comprised of students of different grade levels, teachers, and staff from Boulware. Each house will have a unique identity and meaning. The purpose of a house system is to create a more intimate family unit within our larger Boulware family. Being a part of a house creates opportunities for students, across grade levels, to interact, support, and show pride for their house.

Houses will participate in challenges or activities that require them to work together to reach a common goal. Houses can earn points for reaching these common goals. Although houses will compete to see who can earn the most points, this competition will be fueled by positive, supportive encouragement for all students, rather than “trash talking” or not wishing others well. Students, teachers, and staff will be inducted into houses through an elaborate ceremony at the beginning of the year. Once in a house, that is your house for life.

What are the houses?

There are four houses at Boulware. Click on each House below for more information!

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