Boulware believes that assessments should be a part of a student’s education only to the degree to which they inform teacher’s and administrators of a students progress. Assessments help teachers understand what to teach, re-teach, and where to place children to ensure they are being challenged and moved to the next level. Boulware uses the following assessments for these purposes:

MAP– A skills based assessment for Grades K-5 for math and reading developed by the North West Education Association. For more information on MAP, click here.

For a parent toolkit, which explains how to interpret score reports, click here.


STEP– The STEP system provides tools to help teachers assess students’ literacy levels, onsite training to support educators as they move children through the 13-level STEP process, data showing growth and performance at the student, classroom, school, district and network levels, and a host of additional resources aimed at helping all children reach literacy proficiency by 3rd grade. For more information, please click here.


AIMS– AIMS is the Alachua County district assessments that measure student growth across the foundational subjects once per term. For more information on AIMS, click here.


FSA/NGSSS- The FSA and the NGSSS are the new state assessments that replace the FCAT. They are given once a year at the end of the year to serve as summative assessments. They are given to grades 3-5 in reading, writing, math, and science. See the calendar below for exact dates and subjects tested per grade. For more information, click here.


Assessments Calendar- Boulware Charter
MAP (Reading, Math, Language 3+ Skills)
Beginning of Year October 28-Nov 3
Mid-Year Late February
End of Year Late May/Early June
STEP (ELA for Grades K-3)
Term 1 August
Term 2 December
Term 3 March
Term 4 June
AIMS (Distirct- Standards Based)
Term 1 end of October
Term 2 end of January
Term 3 end of March
Term 4 end of May
FSA (State Test- Standards Based)
Grade 4,5 Writing February 29–March 4, 2016
Grade 3 ELA/Reading March 28–April 8, 2016
Grade 3/4 Math March 28–April 8, 2016
Grade 4/5 ELA/Reading April 11–22, 2016
Grade 5 Science April 25–May 6, 2016